Goddess Lilith refused to be dominated by one of the first men. In exchange, they fabricated stories about her. These stories are Inaccurate and damaging and have been repeated through history. Lilith is here offering a lesson: No one can prevent you from fully blooming, from learning everything you can, evolving and choosing liberation. Only your conditioned thinking can hinder you. Be proud, be you. Be accountable, claim your power and hold it wisely. You are in an excellent place to attract healthy and interdependent collaborative relationships that will serve the highest good. With mutual respect and support friendships shall flourish. Both parties bloom and grow with ample space in love relationships. Remove the fear of being independent. Release the conditioning to believe the only way to have close relationships are to entangle with others.

Refuse to let your old stories keep you down as Goddess Lilith shows you how to claim healthy self worth and self respect. Make choices from a place of empowered independence. You will be amazed at how meaningful, deep, and respectful your experiences will become in all areas of your life.

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